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Saturday Exploration Program Starts February 26th

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Enrollment Includes 5 Saturday Classes!

Your student will love meeting virtually with our LIVE instructors on Saturdays to code, create, build and design while collaborating with peers

  • Each course combines creativity, leadership, inquiry, critical thinking, and technology.

  • Project based lessons designed to encourage students to discover, explore, and grow.

  • 5 Saturday classes! 90 minutes of hands on exploration! 1 experience that will inspire your student for a lifetime!

Not your ordinary online platform!

  • Relevant Curriculum

    Our curriculum is fun & relevant. Learn S.T.E.A.M. from the professionals who use it.

  • Coaching & Support

    Our instructors use live chats and forums for discussion and troubleshooting in real time.

  • Community

    Our instructors and partners work together to create innovative, hands-on S.T.E.A.M opportunities. There is always something new!