In this course...

Jr. Architects will design a building of their choice (house, store, skyscraper) and create an exterior facade. Then, get creative while furnishing the interior using pre-built components from the 3D warehouse. When the Jr. Architects have completed their masterpieces, they will take their friends on a virtual building tour.

  • Grade Level - 2nd - 5th

  • Supplies Needed - Laptop or PC

  • Software Download - (FREE)

Course Begins October 16th - 5 Weeks

Saturday Mornings 10:00am - 11:30am

  • 1
    Welcome to Jr. Architect Adventure with Sketchup!
    • Helpful Hints Before Class
    • LIVE log Instructions
    • ALL Class Recordings Here
    • Additional Resources
  • 2
    Design Phase
    • Careers in Architecture & Design
    • Download Starter File
  • 3
    How Do We Use Our Spaces?
    • Using Push/Pull Tool
    • Adding Components
    • Furnishing
  • 4
    • Mapping Out your City Walk Square
    • Creating Scenes
    • Link Animated Tour to QR Code